4 Secrets to the Perfect Home Office

At the time of writing – September 2020, office workers in the UK have been encouraged to work from home again if they can, due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

Some workers might not have gone back to the office, so by this time, it’s highly likely that people have got quite used to their home working set-up.

Tips and tricks will have been discovered along the way in a quest to make the most comfortable home-office and limit distractions from snacks, kids, pets and everything else in sight!

Garden Room

Here at Bridge Timber, we can create the perfect bespoke home office for you! A quiet, peaceful space that’s dedicated to solo work and free from distractions is our bread and butter and we can help to instantly improve your quality of life when working from home.

But what qualities does your home office need to have to become the perfect environment to work in.

Privacy – Having a private office allows you to really focus and be as productive as possible at home. Being able to go somewhere that’s free from distractions is one of the most important requirements when working at home, otherwise you can end up falling behind and not feeling like you’re working at all.

You can also be on as many Zoom and phonecalls as possible without anybody walking into the room or making lots of unwanted noise in the background!

Picturesque – An attractive setting, looking out onto your garden and the natural world around you can really help to spark some of your best ideas or just make a stressful day a little bit less stressful.

Being able to see green space, flowers or wildlife adds an extra bit of positivity into your working life that you might completely miss out on if you work in an office somewhere and don’t sit near a window or doesn’t have much natural light.

Work-Life Balance – If you work from the sofa then it’s more difficult to switch off and stop working at the end of the day. Having a specific space to work in creates more distance between your work and home life which can be very difficult when you work from home. You can go into work mode and easily put rules in place for yourself to stop working when not in your home office.

Comfortable – Being in an office isn’t the most relaxed of places. You’re still packed in with lots of other people, all in workwear and often sitting at uncomfortable desks – you’re not entirely relaxed. In a home office you can do what you want, so you can make it as comfortable as you want to. Turn the heating up and down at will, work in your pyjamas, have your cat on your lap…it’s upto you!

The beauty of the home office is you can make it whatever you want it to be and our team at Bridge Timber are on hand to help create the perfect home office environment and make the transition as easy as possible.