4 Summer Events that are perfect for your Garden Room

The World Cup may be over for another 4 years and we hope you put your garden room to good use by showing a few matches here and there, but there are plenty of other reasons to use your garden room over the remaining summer months.

Thankfully, we’re enjoying some fantastic weather in the UK right now (at time of writing!), so there are virtually no excuses for you to not get out into the garden and make the most of an unexpectedly sunny summer.

Let’s look at some good reasons to get outside and enjoy your Bridge Timber garden room.

Summer-Term Celebration

Whether you’ve got a teacher in the house, ecstatic children or grandchildren who are ready for the holidays or maybe some exhausted parents, celebrating the end of another school year and having a get together in your garden room is much needed.

With 6 glorious weeks ahead, why not start your summer off with a summer-term celebration and start the summer with a bang. Turn your garden room into a games room for kids, a BBQ prep area for some snacks or a bar area for some adult drinks.

Football Starts Again

Ok, the World Cup’s only just finished, but the good news is that the football season will be starting pretty soon again in August. Why not get some mates around to watch the first Match of the Day or some of the live games on at the start of the season. Having a dedicated space to watch your favourite sports will make you a big hit with your friends and gives you a great spot to relax and shout at players in the sunshine!

Turn your garden room into the perfect football watching environment, with a big screen, plenty of snacks and a fridge full of drinks.

Bank Holidays

There are still some bank holidays left to enjoy this summer, so fire up the BBQ, get the drinks ready and invite some friends and family around to have some fun over the extended weekend. We can’t guarantee the weather will be great, but we can guarantee that your garden room will provide the perfect base and chill-out spot for your guests.

And the best thing about the bank holiday is you’ll get a couple of extra days to invite people around, plus the normal weekend too, so lots of reasons to entertain and have a good time.

Festival Season

If you’re a big music fan then there are loads and loads of festivals you can watch on tv over the summer. You might not fancy camping in the mud and rain, so why not turn your garden into a mud free zone and watch your favourite bands from the comfort of your garden room, creating your own mini festival.

There are lots of festivals to choose from and you can find coverage online or on BBC channels over the summer. Nothing better than watching your favourite band, with a glass of wine and without a really tall person standing in front of you and ruining the view!

For more ideas and advice about your own garden room, get in touch with our team and we’ll be more than happy to offer lots more ideas.