Bringing your Holiday Closer to Home

With things getting back to relative normality in the UK, it means that everyone can start making exciting holiday plans again, but there are still some pesky barriers in the way when it comes to organising trips abroad that can seem unappealing.

Restrictions and protocol in other countries could put you off travelling for the time being, which leaves holidays in the UK as an option, or even just spending your week even more local. And by that we mean utilising your garden room to its full potential and spending some time off in your new favourite space or offering it up to someone else.


The past 2 years have been really challenging, in all sorts of different ways for people, and you or someone in your family or circle of friends might still be finding things difficult. Travelling or going away can be daunting for people that have been classed as vulnerable, so turning your garden room into a safe haven to enjoy and relax in is a great idea. It gives options to people that might not feel as if they have as many options as others right now, which is really inclusive.

If you have any family or friends that are anxious about going away, offering your garden room as a place to come on ‘holiday’ is a brilliant option. It removes any anxiety about travelling, the hoops that have to be jumped through to get anywhere and be somewhere instead that’s a safe and comfortable environment within their control.


If you’re thinking about making a bit more cash on the side then offering your garden room to paying guests can be a great way to save some extra pennies, or turn into a full-time gig if you want to. It depends on the facilities you’ve got inside your garden room, but there’s a big marketplace for smaller dwellings that people can come and go as they please in. Especially if you live near any local beauty spots or landmarks people travel to see, or perhaps near an airport or business centre that people frequently need to travel to for work.

Saving Money

You might just look at all of the organisation and faff involved in going away at the moment and think it feels much more relaxing to kick back and enjoy home comforts. The weather can be changeable in the UK (to say the least) but it’s not all bad and even if it is, your garden room can transform from a fantastic garden entertaining space to a snug cosy cabin if needs must. 

Instead of piling in the car and driving for hours to somewhere that turns out to be average at best, you can make your garden room into whatever you want it to be, in a private, comfortable space to enjoy and unwind in. Read a book, do some yoga, chat to friends – your garden room is an ideal entertaining space for introverted or extroverted ideas.

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