From Garden Room to Bustling Bar

We’re well on our way into the summer months and that means that ensuring you have the perfect entertaining space for friends and family is top priority. Turning your garden room into a relaxing, fun bar space gives you some good options for when you fancy staying in but want to have a few people round too.

You can never completely rely on British weather cooperating and being a sunny, sizzling summer, but your garden room bar can protect you from the elements while you’ve got a cocktail in hand. So, if you don’t fancy queuing for a drink in a busy pub next to sweaty strangers this summer, let’s take a look at why a garden bar could be a great option for you.

Noise Control and Safe Space

Having a bar separate from your main property means that you can limit noise and not annoy the rest of your household if you want to have a particularly raucous night, which let’s face it, we all do every now and then!

Any family member that decides to have some friends around can have some much-needed privacy too if the bar is away from the house. 

As we move into more ‘normal’ times, the way people handle this transition will be completely different, so if you have any friends or family that are still quite cautious about going out and about, a garden bar can be a great compromise. You can offer up a safer space that’s not like going out to a busy bar or pub, giving someone the peace of mind that they’ll be in for a quieter night with people they know. But there are also all sorts of other reasons why people might not want to head out to busy venues – people with access/mobility needs and sensory issues might struggle in crowded spaces too. 

Added Value

When viewing properties, potential buyers are usually looking for how they can maximize space in a property if they want to expand or just get as much from their investment as possible. Being able to show off a functional garden room allows you to have an extra selling point in a competitive market place and opens up lots of opportunities for buyers to turn a garden room into what they want.

Of course, a garden bar would be ideal for lots of buyers and it’s a quirky extra that could be the difference between someone choosing to buy your property or another one in the same area.


Arguably the most important reason to have your own garden bar is the fact that is a fun addition to your garden and property, helping you to boost your entertaining skills and become the top destination for family and friends. If you need to relax and unwind then make yourself a mojito in the bar or get the beers in for any big sporting events.

For more tips and advice about building your own garden room bar, get in touch with our Bridge Timber team today.