How to make your Garden Room Cosier for Autumn

Need to get yourself a cosy snug to escape from dropping temperatures? Well, look no further than your garden room this autumn, because you can really turn it into a safe haven away from rain and gloomy days.

Autumn is a great opportunity to give your garden room a bit of a makeover, so you can make it an even more comfortable, inviting place to be and change it’s functionality from a summerhouse to a snug bolthole.


One of the best ways to transform any space into an autumnal, cosy place to be is to use layering. This can mean chunky curtains to keep the cold out, plush rugs, snug blankets and cushions too. Basically, more and more texture mean that you can create a warmth in your garden room and a cosy atmosphere. Not only that, these accessories are a great way to change up the colour scheme in your room without having to actually redecorate.

New Colour Schemes

You can go either way with the colour scheme for your garden room. You could decide to keep your room light and airy with a really neutral colour scheme to counteract the darker nights outside, or you could have a more natural look with greens, floral prints and blushes to bring the outside in. Or, you can fall back into a warm, cosy interior by using autumnal tones, such as ambers, greens and peacock blues.

A quick lick of paint and you can transform a room, so think about what’s best for you and your mindset. Do you like something a little darker or do you need a colourful vibrant scheme in the darker months to keep your motivated and feeling positive?


A comfy armchair or sofa are must-haves for an autumnal garden room and you can use them to shape the colour scheme of your room or change the atmosphere of a space. Your chair/sofa is going to be where you escape with a good book or grab your knitting needles so making sure it’s snug and an ideal fit for chilling out is key. This could be the most important item in your room! Tartan textures are very on trend, as well as brown leather, so it’s worth thinking about what you want and then you can base the rest of your décor or accessories around one of the staple pieces of furniture in your garden room.


It’s going to get much darker, before you know it, it’ll be dark at 5 o’clock, we lose lots of light every week as we transition from summer to autumn, so making sure your garden room is suited and booted for darker nights is key. Some extra lamps won’t go amiss and will add to the ambience of your garden room – they’ll also keep things bright and positive. Lighting is an accessory as well as a necessity, so keep them on trend and fitting in with the rest of your colour scheme.

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