How to Plan for Your Summer House

It’s getting a little frosty outside, so what better way to look towards lighter and brighter times than to start turning your garden room into the perfect summer house.

Because everybody needs a place to relax, unwind and entertain in sunnier months, so why not take on a winter project that will reward you in just a few months’ time. Get ahead of the curve and start putting your ideas in place.


One of the best approaches for your summer house is to think of it as a minimalist retreat. When the weather gets hotter it can be stuffier if you’ve got lots of furnishings and fabrics in your summer room, so making it as a clear and seamless as possible, whilst staying stylish, can keep you cool.

Light tones and décor can complement the streams of natural light that will be coming our way in summer too, so having a bright and airy garden room can make it a really positive environment to relax in and escape to.

Clearing your mind is really important and having a space that’s free of clutter on your property can be really good for your health and wellbeing – a minimalist garden room does just that.

Country Style

Of course, you could go for something completely different and turn your garden room into your very own countryside bolthole…even if you’re nowhere near the countryside. Wood, fabrics and layers could turn your garden room into a cosy cabin area, where you can spend summer evenings, with additional hot-tub and firepit to really cement the country cabin vibe.

Green House

Of course, one of the best things about summer is the vibrant, colourful plants that burst into life. Your garden room/summer house could become a natural environment full of fantastic plants and you can get planning now for which ones you’re going to include to turn it into a space full of zen.

If you’ve got block colours or white walls then plants can be a great addition to add some energy into a space – macramé hanging pots, free standing planters and trailing plants are all great additions to turn your summer house green.


One of the best things about a summer house as t gives you an additional and attractive space to entertain guests in. Whether it’s family, friends, or both, you’ve got a space away from your property for people to enjoy, whilst you can prepare drinks/food in your kitchen. You can create a bar for your summer house for lively nights, or put a firepit, hottub and seating area that spills out from your summer house to have a larger surface area to entertain in. And when things get a little chillier, you can use the seating area in a summer house too.

For more advice and ideas about how to use your own garden room, don’t hesitate to get in touch with out experienced and friendly team, who are on hand to answer any questions or queries you might have.