Lockdown Garden Room Tips

Everything is a bit strange at the moment, with most countries in the world enacting a lockdown on every area of society, unlike anything most of us have ever experienced before.

Large swathes of the population that aren’t key workers are working from home or furloughed, which means there’s plenty of time to put your garden room to good use.

You might use your garden room for a couple of different functions at the moment, but crazy times call for crazy ideas, so why not try something new.

Home-School Studio

Uh-oh, the kids are off school! It’s lovely to spend extra time with your brood, but having to take on the role of teacher really makes you appreciate how much if an amazing job that teachers do all year around.

One of the most important things to do when setting out your home-schooling schedule is to have a distraction-free zone to teach your kids in. A garden room is perfect for this – a little safe haven in your garden to concentrate on history, maths, science…whatever takes your fancy.

The perfect thing about a garden room is that you can spill out into the garden with the kids too to make things a little more interactive, fun and active for them and to prevent any stuffiness and boredom!

No Internet Zone

There’s a lot going on right now and it can all get too much, so having a tranquil zone that you can escape to and not have to endlessly scroll through your phone or receive scary forwarded messages from relatives on WhatsApp could be very welcome indeed.

You can easily decide not to install Wi-Fi or have a booster in your garden room, so you can escape the net. Or an easy thing to do is to simply make your room a phone-free area – and you’ll probably find your general levels of relaxation increase and your levels of stress decrease in the process!

Relax and make a space that your brain associates with winding down and enjoying a bit of ‘me time’ and tranquillity, which is much-needed right now.

Office Space

One of the most obvious uses for your garden room is to turn it into a make-shift office space for your working from home needs. You’re going to need an area where you can switch-off from everything else for a few hours to get some work done, make some awkward Zoom calls and generally have a place free from distractions related to kids, pets or partners.

If you’re not used to ever working from home then this can be especially difficult to get to grips with – suddenly being on your own and working in a new way is bizarre, but creating a structure and routine for yourself is key to working effectively from home. A garden room is a key part of a good structure because it tries to replicate working conditions and gives you a good chance of being able to be productive and maximize your output.

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