Turn your Garden Room into the Perfect Cosy Cabin

In the colder months, sometimes all you want to do is hunker down and hibernate. Well, you need a cosy place to do it in and we think that turning your garden room into a cosy cabin is an ideal way to relax and wait until summer rolls around again.

A rustic log look instantly gives the impression of being away somewhere on a trip, so bringing a bit of a holiday vibe into your garden can raise a smile when you need it. Create an ideal bolt-hole to escape to with no distractions.


A great way to extend your garden room cabin look is to invest in some decking around it. This really adds to the whole exterior and gives you some nice extra space for entertaining or relaxing. You can also add extra seating areas, with plants, pots and any other furnishings to complete the rustic look.

Obviously, a perfect cosy cabin would be made out of logs, but if your garden room isn’t quite this material, you can use dark wood dyes or paints to create a more rustic impression.

The real-deal would obviously be a swinging/rocking chair or swinging bench out on the decking porch to relax and ponder in with a glass or two.


A log cabin would usually have more wild plants and foliage around it if it’s in a wood or forest, so if you really want to get serious then you can let your plants grow in a bit more of a disorganised way, so it doesn’t look to pre-planned and neat. 

You can let plants grow up the side of your cabin too for a wild and free exterior.


Adding shutters to your windows will create a more authentic look for your cabin and you can add soft furnishings like tartan inspired curtains to really add to the vibe. Layering and cosiness are key markers for the perfect cosy cabin and shutters have that saloon-type, American cowboy style that gives your space that pizzazz.


The real cosiness happens when you add all of your interior furnishings to your garden room. You’ll want to stick to wooden furniture to extend the cabin look, but you can also have really comfy and cosy armchairs and sofas to complement everything else. 

Layering is a must, so this means lots of cosy blankets draped over furniture, cushions, plush curtains and rugs to add to the warmth in the room. This all helps to make it an inviting space for anyone to spend time in, whether it’s escaped the madness of your main house or curling up with a good book, to entertaining friends in a cosy spot where you can actually hear yourselves think.

For any tips and advice around building a garden room or what to do with your existing garden room, get in touch with our experienced team today at Bridge Timber for more information and we’ll talk you through the next steps to create your garden vision.