Turning your Garden Room into a Cinema Room

TV is going through a golden era – from Netflix to iplayer, there are scores of subscription services that offer thousands of tv series for you to binge your way through in the winter months.

With this in mind, what better use for your garden room than to turn it into your very own cinema room. Having a set space to snuggle up and watch a classic film or even just the latest series of X Factor can make your viewing experience even better and really bring family and friends together.

Your Own Specifications

It’s completely up to you as to how you want your cinema room to look and how big or small you want your tv or screen to be. This is something you can discuss when we’re putting a garden toom together. Some people don’t want something that dominates the space too much and would prefer more room for seating and sofas – whereas others want a screen as big as possible to really maximise their experience.

A comfy sofa space is an absolute must-have though and you can experiment with the best positions and comfy-ness levels for your cinema hideaway.

Cinema Party!

A cinema room is the perfect way to get everyone together. If you’ve got kids or grandkids then it’s an ideal party environment and a great alternative for a children’s birthday party. You can turn your home cinema into a sleepover zone, complete with snacks and popcorn. You can even encourage everyone to dress up as themed characters for whatever film you’ve decided to play, we’re thinking Harry Potter themed or Back to the Future for an older crowd.

But in general, a cinema room is a really fun way to get friends and family around to enjoy a film or whack a concert on the big screen, so everyone can have a singalong.

Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinema experiences are all the rage and while your garden room cinema isn’t quite outside, in the summer months you can keep the doors open, bring a bit of outside indoors and almost replicate a cool outdoor cinema look.

The winter gives you an opportunity for the opposite and you can easily make your cinema super cosy and put on themed nights. Get everyone over for a night of scares on Halloween as you put a horror film on and create some festive cheer by having an extensive schedule of Christmas films playing over the Christmas holidays.


And you don’t just have to be watching traditional films and tv series on your big screen. There are all sorts of new and inventive ways that you can use a screen. For example, if you’re looking to start working out or getting fit then you could use a big screen for exercise videos and use the space in your garden room as a home gym. Or if someone in your family is into gaming then a big screen is the perfect idea for games nights and intensive gaming sessions!

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