Turning your Garden Room into a fun Summer House

With summer plans looking uncertain at the moment, we’re not sure whether we’ll all be able to jet off to warmer climates anytime soon. But fear not, the British summer isn’t all that bad, eh? And with a summer house in the garden, you can’t go wrong!

A summer house is a fun, quirky way to add some excitement to your garden and offers a great entertaining space for family. Whether it’s a quick impromptu BBQ when the weather co-operates or a late-night garden shindig, a summer house has got you covered.

Garden Bar

We’ve all been away from the pub for longer than we’d like, so if you can’t head to the bar then bring that bar to you. A garden bar has been one of the most popular new fixtures in properties up and down the country over the last year. And the best thing is that it doesn’t have to just be used in sunny seasons only – a bar in a warm, insulated garden room can substitute as a lovely, cosy local in the winter months too.

It’s a great idea to keep ticking over while we all wait to socialise in other family and friends’ gardens again soon – a garden bar is a really fun and interactive addition to any garden. Make sure you’ve got everyone’s favourite tipples and bar snacks!

Cinema Room

When the evenings are warm and you want to enjoy the last bits of sunshine but also want to watch your favourite films and programmes, a cinema room could be the ideal solution. Grab a projector/screen or tv and the beanbags and turn your garden room into a comfy summer cinema room.

Pool House

Another popular purchase by people in the UK this past year has been hot-tubs! The perfect way to unwind after a hard day of working, childcare, home-schooling and all manner of different things and ways of living everyone’s had to acclimatise to. When you have a hot-tub, it’s a good idea to have it close to your home or some sort of storage, so you can keep towels, drinks etc close by. Or you could use your garden room as a make-shift pool house!

Turn your garden room into a space to prepare for your hot-tub visit and store your towels and bits and bobs for when you get out. You can also keep your drinks and snacks in your pool house and generally have a go-between, so you don’t have to keep running in and out of your property to fetch things for your family/friends.

Outdoor Dining

Dining al-fresco is a summertime delight that should be grabbed with both hands when possible. Using your garden room as an accompanying space for your outdoor dining is a great way to create a storage and preparation zone, so you can have the perfect outdoor dining experience. Keep your food covered, so it doesn’t have to be stored outside and clear your plates etc away quickly, so you can get back to entertaining.

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