Why Choose an Eco Classroom?

There’s so much awareness and news about the environment and the challenges ahead at the moment, with changing landscapes and weather patterns having a big impact on how people live their lives. Whether it’s wildfires across the globe or flooding closer to home, the environment is firmly on the agenda for everyone, especially the younger generation.

With this in mind, at Bridge Timber, we pride ourselves on being part of the environmental conversation and are doing our best to limit our carbon footprint and build our garden rooms in environmentally responsible ways.

That’s why we think that eco classrooms in schools provide a great learning moment for everyone. The natural world and environment can be taught about in an eco-friendly setting that gives pupils a way to see sustainability in front of them and in action.

Environmental Impact

Choosing an eco classroom instead of a traditional building gives your school the chance to reduce your carbon footprint and built responsibly.

Our team only uses timber which is independently certified and responsibly managed and sourced from sustainable forests. All our classrooms undergo a professional energy and thermal assessment to maximise energy efficiency and thermal insulation, so any impact on the environment is minimised.

We also use heavy duty structural grade timber, structurally insulated panels (SIPS), the highest quality exterior cladding and double glazing to ensure a high-quality, durable eco classroom that’s built to last.

Children can learn what’s possible using natural resources.

Indoors, Outdoors!

It’s proven that dark, stuffy classrooms don’t aid children’s learning and being in environments that stimulate the senses and provide an alternative to the traditional classroom can be really beneficial. Eco classrooms that have lots of natural light, use natural materials and are built creatively give children a chance to bring the outdoors, indoors and learn somewhere new.

This all helps to inspire kids and encourage them to think about the environment and encourage a passion for the natural world. An eco classroom feels closer to nature and introduces environmental concepts to young children in a fun and engaging way.

Bespoke Design

All of the eco classrooms that we create for schools are bespoke, because we know that every school’s requirements and ideas will be completely different, so we reflect that in our design process. The number, type and position of doors and windows are all planned and constructed to suit the requirements of your school, which means we can put more natural light into a space.

All of the classrooms we build have lighting, power sockets, plasterboarded walls and heating. The rest of the specifications for the room can be discussed with our design team and you can think about internal partitions, external canopies, timber decking, suspended ceilings or the installation of a WC or shower. Rooms are built with energy efficiency in mind and the flexibility of the space means it can be multi-functional and opens it up to other groups to use outside of school hours.

If you’d like to discuss an eco classroom for your school and the requirements you have for a space, contact our Bridge Timber team today.