Benefits of an Eco Classroom

Being more environmentally conscious and aware of your carbon footprint is part and parcel of having a responsible outlook in 2019. Making better decisions and passing on knowledge to younger generations helps us all to learn more about looking after our planet.

Here at Bridge Timber, we take our environmental responsibilities really seriously and it’s something we strive for in all of our projects.

Part of our offering is Eco Classrooms, which are educational buildings that we create for schools and other facilities. They’re functional, fun and flexible and help to address space shortages in an eco-friendly way.

What are some of the benefits of building an eco classroom?

Extra Space

It can take a lot of time, effort and budget to plan extensions to school premises. Often, it ends up taking years before structural issues and practical elements are sorted. Eco classrooms provide a simple, cost-effective way to add much-needed extra space.

They offer a fantastic outdoor alternative to a bog-standard classroom. These practical teaching areas can function as whatever other requirements you have in your school too – such as dinner rooms and dance studios.

Environmentally Friendly

What better way to teach students about the environment and how we can help to reduce carbon footprints is to show them a fully-functioning classroom that’s environmentally friendly too.

Eco-friendly timber designs, obtained from environmentally sustainable sources, is a perfect learning moment for students – you can combine an eco classroom with the natural environment and educate others about how it was built and responsibly sourced.


The massive costs that can go into the planning and building of a traditional extension can be very overwhelming, especially in the education sector where there always seems like other priorities that take over. An eco classroom is a smart solution that’s really cost-effective and can take away the stress of a massive, structural project that takes years to complete. The most important thing is creating space as quickly and cheaply as possible, but to not compromise on quality – which we’ve achieved.


Depending on your requirements, we can create an eco classroom with your school completely in mind. We can have a chat with you, recommend some plans and find out what functionality you want for your classroom. We’ll tailor the creation of your classroom to your unique requirements, bearing in mind what you’re planning to use it for. Your budget and specifications are at the heart of what we do.

The planning, design and installation will all be carried out with your bespoke needs and stick to the ideas you’ve given us. We’ve got many years of experience working with schools and educational authorities, so we know what needs to be discussed and considered in a build like this. As it’s a build for a school site, we make sure we minimise disruption by building the classroom off-site and then we can bring it on-site and install when it’s convenient, i.e during the school holidays or at the weekend, whenever is least disruptive.

For more advice and info, contact our team today.