5 New Hobbies for 2018 made Easier with a Garden Room

New year, new you? Well, why not make your 2018 resolutions easier to keep with a dedicated space for your new hobbies.

The bespoke garden rooms that we create at Bridge Timber are the perfect place to learn new skills, have fun and nurture a hobby.

Life’s too short to be browsing on your smartphone in your spare time, so put down your phone and take up something different.

So, let’s spark some inspiration and look at some of the hobbies that are ideal for taking up in a garden room space. Sorry, no sky diving or archery involved, but we’ve got a few other ideas:

Let’s get Crafty

Spring is almost here and it’s a great time to dust down your paint brushes, gather your knitting needles or grab your glitter. It’s time to get crafty. Whether you’ve got some outfits for the kids’ school play to create or you want to capture some of the garden’s new flowers and wildlife – having an outdoor space to look out onto as you work away on a new creation is really uplifting.

Whether you’re a complete beginner when it comes to sketching or painting or just looking for somewhere to experiment with new materials, what better place to try than the tranquillity of a garden room, safe from art critics!

Garden Gym

It feels like there’s a new keep-fit idea or routine that comes out every week and turning your garden room into a garden gym is a fab way to stay fit and healthy. Palates, yoga, Zumba, spinning – transform your space into a non-judgmental and comfortable environment to work out in or try out new forms of exercise.

There’s no better place to start your day than with a bit of morning exercise in your garden room. You can look out onto a green space and feel at one with nature!

Calling all Bookworms

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to read more and we think that having a calm, quiet and comfortable space makes curling up with a good book even more appealing. Be transported into another world and turn your garden room into a readers’ paradise.

We also think that if you’re a budding writer then why not do what you’ve always dreamed of and set up a desk and start your next novel or anthology. The sky’s the limit!

Photography Whizz

Setting up your laptop in your garden room and working on the snaps you’ve been taking recently is a great way to encourage your new photography hobby and have the time and space to edit to your hearts content.

You could even set your garden room up as your own mini studio, with backgrounds, tripods and anything else you might need to get the best photos of your subjects and make the most out of your new hobby.

Family Tree Research

This one’s a bit left-field but researching your family tree can turn into a real labour of love and a great way to occupy your time. You’ll need lots of space to really delve into your research and spread out documents and photos, so put a table in your garden room and dedicate the time and space your family tree deserves. Hey, you might find out you’re related to royalty!

If you’d like any more tips or advice when it comes to creating the perfect garden room, get in touch with our team at Bridge Timber today.