How to make your Garden more Environmentally Friendly

With all the talk of climate change and environmental issues that have been thrust into the limelight recently, we thought we’d do our bit and look at ways to make your garden better for the world. We can all do our bit and make small changes where we can – it might not feel like a lot, but added together with the effort of others, can start to make a difference.

What kind of things can you change in your garden and how can your garden room help out too.

Collecting Rainwater

Water usage is going to be a big issue in the near future, especially as we’re experiencing more hot, warm weather (remember the summer of 2018!) which can lead to drought and dryness. Monitoring your water use is a good idea and generally being more mindful and protective over how much you use is a sensible practice.

You can also start to collect rainwater in your garden. Popping some barrels by your garden room and collecting rainwater that falls from the roof and walls will help you to collect water reserves that you can recycle and use in the upkeep of your garden. The pH balance of rainwater is ideal for plants.

Solar Power

When you use your garden room in the evening times, you don’t want to take a tumble in the dark trying to get there, so obviously good garden lighting is important. Using solar lights to light up pathways and your garden room entrance is a great way to save energy and you can reduce your energy bill too. You can find lots of creative solar lighting on the market, including decorative lanterns, rope-handled jars and strings of fairy lights.

Recycle and Reuse

Using sustainable furniture in and around your garden room helps to reduce your carbon footprint too. Look in your local area for businesses that are crafting from locally sourced materials – this will mean that less air-miles and carbon has gone into the supply chain, especially timber products.

Earthy materials and environmentally sustainable materials will mean that your garden room is giving something back. Why not test out your creative skills and upcycle and repurpose old pieces of furniture for your new garden room. Giving something a new lease of life with a lick of paint or a sanding down can work wonders and means you don’t have to break the bank furnishing your space.

Boost Bio-diversity

Bio-diversity is what makes the world go around, literally. It basically means everything from wildlife, plants and insects – and you have a part to play in making sure your garden is an easy and accommodating space for different creatures and critters.

Compost heaps (making your own is a great tip and improves your soil too), with leaves and logs are perfect for insect populations, which in turn are fab for hedgehogs, birds etc. Bird tables with plentiful seeds can give birds and squirrels a hand too. Plants with ‘open faces’ that are bright and colourful stimulate bee populations as they’re good nectar sources. It’s all about making your garden an inviting place, not just for humans!For more garden room advice, contact our team today.