Interior Trends to Transform your Garden Room

Your garden room should be stylish, as well as practical and functional. Achieving the perfect interior design look can be lots of fun, as you can get even more creative and experimental than you would in your main property.

Depending on the main use for your garden room, you can mould your interior ideas around the type of environment you’re creating. Your office interior design can be completely different to a gym design.

It’s completely up to you to design the ideal interior for your garden room, but we’ve got a few tips to share.

Let there be Light

Part of the beauty of building a garden room is being able to have a space that lets in natural light and brings a bit of the outdoors in. With that in mind, we’d recommend using colour tones that make the most of your light – so whites, pastel colours and more muted choices.

This helps to optimise the space you have, makes it look larger and whether you’re working or working out, more light can provide much needed positivity and add vibrancy to a room.

Snug and Cosy

If you’re looking to create a snug, homely garden room, where you can escape from the world and curl up with a good book, then rich, warm tones can help achieve this look. In the winter months, more earthy colours, with textured fabrics can help to make your room instantly more comfortable and warm and turn it into a safe, stress-free haven to enjoy.

Add beanbags, arm chairs and blankets to add cosiness and extra colour to your garden room.


Lots of customers like to turn their garden room into the ultimate garden gym and going for neutral colour schemes helps to create a professional, motivating environment to work out in. Whites and greys reflect natural light and lighter spaces can be more encouraging to exercise in.

Sprung floors and sunken floor sockets can help to optimise your work-out space and provide you with an environment that is perfect for no-hassle gym equipment that’s safe and secure.

Natural Tones

Because your garden room is nestled amongst the rest of your outdoors space, you could make your room a continuation of the colours and features you can find in your garden. Using lots of natural colours, such as greens or floral wallpapers can create a nice consistency running throughout your outdoor space.

Couple this with using lots of plants and flowers to bridge the gap between garden room and garden and you can create a relaxing, tranquil room that reflects your outdoor space too.


Choosing furniture and design features that are built using sustainable materials and in eco-friendly ways means that your garden room can be decorated and furnished in a way that reflects the natural environment. There are lots of manufacturers and companies that can provide you with info about how their products are sourced and made and whether they’re ethically designed.

Usually, a more eco-friendly design looks more minimalist and neutral, which in itself is fashionable, seamless and clean-looking.

However, you decide to design your garden room, we’re certain that it’ll look great. For more ideas and advice, contact our team at Bridge Timber today.