Acoustic Music Garden Room Installation


This luxurious Music Room created by Bridge Garden Rooms measures 6m x 5.3. With an acoustic upgrade added to the specification. This garden room is clad externally with western red cedar, after the numerous layers of SIP panels followed by acoutic plasterboard and silent board. A 1m Cedar overhang installed to the external, creating brief shelter, consisting of external spotlights giving additional light. The acoustic upgrade consists of triple glazing to all windows and doors, silent board with double layer of acoustic plasterboard to the ceiling, finally the floor has a impact layer fitted. The garden room is completed internally with solid oak floor, brushed aluminium spotlights, light switches and heaters, adds to this beautiful strucute. Walls and ceiling are plasterboard skimmed in preperation for the decoration.

This music room is definitely one we can be proud of.

“It’s been a long time since me and my wife, have been thinking about the possibility of either a loft conversion or building a garden studio in order to use it as a music room.

After several years of pondering we decided to go for the latter. Before choosing the construction company, we pretty much contacted all the companies that could provide such service at our area. In order to make an as objective decision as possible, we collated in an excel spreadsheet, the specs and production cost for each of the candidate companies. After weeks of compiling data, we ran a comparison. The company that ticked all of our criteria was Bridge Timber. From the early stages, we received prompt replies to all our questions, the initial survey was carried out promptly, the planning was done smoothly and we even had the chance to go and view one of the garden rooms they had recently completed. Paul and his team were flexible and helped us modifying the original specifications of the building in order to meet our needs; the goal was to create a room with good soundproofing properties, ample space and elegant design. A room that can be used as a music rehearsal space, a home office which at the same time wouldn’t feel intrusive in our garden.

The team who built the studio, were both very skilful, courteous and extremely pleasant. During the construction there were a few things we original didn’t anticipate, however everything was solved smoothly with the help of Paul and his team till we were absolutely satisfied. Even after the completion of the building, final adjustments were carried out promptly and building was completed to extremely high standards. We were particularly impressed by the sturdy foundations provided as opposed to that offered by other rival companies. Another thing we liked was the quality of the SIP panels used on the walls, floors and ceiling, the specialised acoustic plasterboard (made of three different layers of material for blocking different sound frequencies) and the triple glazing. The exterior cedar cladding is elegant and the choice of door and roof colours are spot on. The electrician, helped us a lot by making last moment adjustments in order to achieve a good design balance and colour consistency. As a result, the studio feels as if it is part of our garden, blending well with the trees and surroundings. The use of triple glazing, combined with thick SIP panels, specialised acoustic plasterboard on walls, double plasterboard on the ceiling and a 7mm felt used under the floorboards, provides an excellent acoustic insulation and consequently has extremely high thermal properties. As we originally intended, the room can be used day and night as a rehearsal space (we have tested it with voice and acoustic instruments) while at the same time it remains pleasantly warm with the assistance of just a very small heater for the proportion of the room; imagine that so far we have only used the heater on its lowest setting!

Overall we very extremely pleased with Bridge Timber and all the team, Paul, Becky, Kerri, Ben, Alex, Gary and James and would like to thank them for giving us such a joy with the very beautiful music studio they built for us. We would highly recommend them without any hesitation to anyone who is interested in building their own garden room.”