4 Reasons why A Garden Office is better than Renting

If you work from home or have your own business, you’ll know that’s it’s super important to have a calm, quiet space that you can work in. Sometimes the living room just won’t cut it – your dog’s staring at you for another walk, your kids playing Baby Shark for the 234th time and your neighbours have started drilling.

However much you try to stay focused, opting to rent out office space seems like the only option. But it can be expensive over time and takes you away from other commitments. What other options are there? Enter, the garden room!

And why is a garden room better than renting an office space?

No Commute

Even if you can head to your rented office whenever, you’ve still got to physically get there. Think of those cold winter months when going to work and heading home in the dark feels like the hardest thing ever.

Just think if you could substitute running for the bus or getting stuck in a traffic jam for a 15 second commute to your garden office. Sounds great, right? And it allows you to get work done quickly and quietly, instead of shaving time off your day by getting dragged down by a dodgy commute.

Save Money

Making a one-time investment in your garden room can really pay off when you think about the costs of renting and office and commuting to it over time. That’s not to mention the other functions that your garden room can have – your kids can use it to study, you can use it as a chill-out space, a gym, a library, it can be anything you want it to be!

When you think of it like that, it’s a really savvy investment instead of throwing money at a rented office space that can’t be used for anything else and presumably has quite fixed opening hours etc.

And think of it like this, you’re actually increasing the value of your own home by creating a really attractive asset in your garden, instead of paying money into someone else’s pocket.


Working in an office can be quite restrictive. Even if you’re not in a formal work environment, you still have to keep your shoes on or pretend to not make as many cups of tea as you actually want. There are social conventions involved! In a garden office, you’re in your own home so you can still do what you want and work in your pyjamas if you want! And you can make your space as comfortable as you like and work in a way that’s good for you.


Maybe you just don’t want to be around other people in an office, understandable! A garden room gives you that quiet, private work environment to really focus on work and you’re able to make calls without feeling listened in on too.

For more advice or a chat about everything to do with garden rooms, give our experienced team a call and we’re happy to chat.