Responsible Sourcing

Bridge Timber are committed to responsible sourcing

As forests around the world come under increasing pressure, it has never been more urgent to ensure that the timberbased products that we source support environmentally sound and socially beneficial practices – a promise that we will pass on to our customers.

Guiding us in our day-to-day purchasing, we operate a responsible purchasing policy that is informed by the latest regulatory, technological and market developments appropriate to our business. We take a systematic approach to ensure the legal origin of the timber in our products and to comply with the EU timber regulation and construction products regulation.

However, we must look beyond legality as the laws in many countries do not necessarily equate to sustainability. That is why we source from companies that manage their forests responsibly and are able to demonstrate this through independent certification according to internationally recognised standards. Where this is not possible, we work with our suppliers to transition towards more responsible practices.

Our PEFC certified products meet the UK governments procurement policy, specified by the Central Point of Expertise (CPET). They also lead to credit awards in BREEAM, a leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings.

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Responsible Sourcing

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10 Year Guarantee

We ensure your building is built to to the highest standard of workmanship using premium quality materials and supplies, and for your own piece of mind for the long term, all our buildings are available with 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

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