4 Ways to spend time in your Garden this Summer

Summer is here!

That means you can start spending more time outside in your garden. It also means fresh air, fresh options for meals and most importantly outdoor activities that you can make the most of while the weather is good.

Here are 5 ways to spend time in your garden this summer that will benefit both you and your garden, check them out.

Take a Moment

When summer hits, it’s not just the temperature that matters but the time of day. Getting an early morning fix of your garden can really set you up for the day. Chances are, you’ll feel a lot more energetic doing this than if you got up late and went to bed late. This is because time spent out in nature provides your body with endorphins which make you feel good. It also helps to build your body’s immunity and reduces stress. Taking a moment to relax outside, take in some vitamin D and prepare for the day ahead can work wonders. This also applies to during the day if you’re using your garden room as a home office – take a break and enjoy the great outdoors for some inspiration!


Summer is the time for you to get out your lawn and plant things. If you have never done any gardening before, it’s hard to know where to start. Hanging baskets and tubs are a great way to get started. Or you could get creative and find different ways to incorporate fresh veg and herbs and other produce into meals or as decorative arrangements for your home. The biggest mistake new gardeners make is getting too focused on flowers and trees and not enough time focusing on other parts of the landscape.

Exercising Outside

Your garden room can be the perfect place to store your home equipment and work out in the winter. And in the summer, you can fling those doors open and work out while you bring nature in. You can also use more space in your garden to work out and do different exercises depending on your summer routine and the types of exercises you want to do. Outside yoga in the summer is a lot more appealing! You’ve also got more time in the day to fit a home workout in.

Entertaining Guests

Now that restrictions allow you to invite guests around to your garden, it’s time to make the most of the space you’ve got to entertain. Your garden room can be the perfect little snug for when things get chilly later on, or you can use it as an extension of your kitchen and put on a feast for your guests. Or because guests are allowed to stay the night at a property, you could turn your garden into a guest bedroom for any late-night revellers who have had a little bit too much fun!

For more ideas on how to use your garden room this summer or any questions about installation, get in touch with our team at Bridge Timber today.