4 Ways to use your Garden Room in Autumn

Autumn is upon us – when the nights are drawing in and the temperature’s dropping. Here comes Halloween, Bonfire night, Diwali and before we know it, we’ll be hearing jingle bells!

We love autumn, it’s a lovely time to settle down, get snug and take a walk in one of the most beautiful seasons. You’ll probably notice your garden going through lots of changes…and notice how many leaves you have to rake up too!

Your garden room can sit perfectly amongst a crisp, frosty autumn garden and we’ve got a few ideas for using your room this season.

A Personal Library

Some people dream of having their own library in their house, but let’s face it, it’s difficult to find the space when you’re an avid book reader. Why not turn your garden room into an ideal reading snug for all the family…or just you!

Throw some shelves up and store your next favourite novel in your cosy garden room. Buy some bean bags or a comfy armchair and create a safe haven, away from the rest of the world where you can escape into a book and really focus. It’s a great space for kids to come and read in too – it’s so important to get them into reading, so having a lovely environment to read in can help.

Office Space

When you’re working from home, it can be tough to concentrate properly when you can get so easily distracted in the house. Use your garden room as an office space and benefit from lots of natural lighting and look out onto your garden for inspiration or just a much-needed change of environment.

You can also encourage anyone else that needs some peace and quiet to use your garden room. It’s great for revision and focusing on a task. Make it a strictly ‘no smartphone’ zone!

Hobby Corner

Whether you’ve got hobbies or not, a garden room is an ideal place to start exploring your next best obsession. Knitting, writing, painting, vlogging – use your garden room as a safe place to try things out, experiment and be free from judgement about if your painting looks more like an elephant or a penguin.

Your garden room is a warm, snug environment and perfect for escaping from normal life and your daily struggles. It can be your secret place to find new passions.

Fitness Factory

The thought of crawling out of a warm bed and having to go for a run to the gym on a cold morning doesn’t sound very appealing to us. Just think, what if you could roll out of bed, jog into your garden and back into the warm, snug haven of your garden room in a few seconds. Turn your garden room into your own home gym and eliminate the need to force yourself to go to the gym in town. Get whatever equipment you like to use set up and work out, free off prying eyes or judgement. Make it as easy for yourself as possible with a gym in your own back garden.

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