5 Autumn Trends for your Garden Room

It’s time to hunker down in your garden room and hibernate for the autumn and winter. The cosy months are upon us and that means a whole swathe of new autumn interior trends too.

The great thing about your garden room is that you can experiment with new styles that you might not be brave enough to try out in the rest of your home. Think of it as your tester-pot for all of your interior ideas.

Let’s look at some of this autumn’s new trends.

Animal Print

Yes, it’s back again. Animal print has been all over the catwalks and it’s made its way into interior circles too. You can find some lovely faux prints to use in your garden room, but it’s all about subtlety and how you use it. Too much leopard print can put you in danger of going a bit Bet Lynch, but using some prints on cushions and throws can give you an injection of wild into your room, without going overboard.

Zebra prints are especially popular this season and the black and white tones can fit in quite well with lots of colour schemes.


Apparently, it’s back to the mantra of the more, the merrier. Gone is the minimalist sentiment and it’s time to load up your garden room with…well, everything. Throws, fringing, trinkets, loads it all up and start decorating your garden room.

Lots of cushions, blankets, curtains etc can make any room feel a bit cosier in the colder months. It adds more layers and texture, which goes a long way to making guests feel like they’re in a warm and inviting room, as opposed to cold and clinical.

Less Plastic

As everyone’s getting more and more environmentally conscious, our choices of interiors and furnishings are changing too. Plastic isn’t very good for the planet, so more wood, cork and any other materials have a better carbon footprint than plastic are very welcome indeed. There are loads and loads of new, innovative sustainable options and you can do your bit for the environment by furnishing your garden room responsibly.

Bold Florals

Big, bold and brash florals are in. This is especially effective for your garden room, because you can create more of a link and extension into your garden by carrying on the natural look and tones in your room. Plants outside and indoors can create a seamless connection between both.

Curtains, cushions, throws and statement walls can be splashed with floral décor to make an impact and get bang on trend. Even though outside might be looking a bit more sparse, your garden room can be a haven of growth and vibrancy.

Dark Tones

Or if you want to go down a completely different track then you can decide to go over to the dark side and embrace it wholeheartedly. Charcoal, dark greys and even blacks are growing in popularity. It might seem a bit depressing to use darker tones in the colder months on your garden room walls, but they can actually help to create a really stylish, snug atmosphere. They’re great backgrounds for brighter art, furniture and objects, so why not give it a go.

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