A Home in the Garden

Creating a bespoke home away from home (well, a few metres away!) can be the perfect way to inject a much-needed bit of tranquillity and calm into your life. Life is busy, stressful and we never know what’s coming around the corner, so having a safe space to retreat from the world and hunker down can seriously improve your lifestyle.

And it doesn’t just have to be a peaceful spot for you – you might want a mini-extension of your home, so you can invite someone else to be part of it. Perhaps a friend or relative who needs someone to stay every now and then or more permanently.


Having a self-contained space where yourself, a family member or a friend can stay is an incredibly useful addition to your overall home. You can provide an independent space, with privacy and dignity.

It also means that if anyone in your home is unfortunate enough to fall ill and needs their own space to recover or you want to give them space in your main property, you’ve got a warm, comfortable environment available to rest and recuperate in.

Relaxing Space

Finding some peace and quiet at home is easier said than done. If you’re looking for somewhere to read, meditate or have a few moments to yourself then a garden room is an ideal solution. However much you try, your house can be too hectic sometimes – whether it’s the dog wanting another biscuit or the phone always ringing, being able to find time to relax can be tough.

If you’ve been looking for the right time to take up a new hobby and need that extra bit of tranquillity then a cosy hub could be just the right fit.


A lot of people work from home, or could do in the future, so having a space to be able to work in and crucially, actually get work done in, could be a great idea. Having the garden and a bit of green to look out onto can boost your creative juices too – instead of hearing the sounds of your co-workers coughing and eating crisps, listen to the birds outside and your own thoughts!

But it’s not just about work – even just being able to have conversations with family or friends on the phone away from people can be a relief.


Whatever it is you’re focusing on, work or play, the chances are you’ll be at your most productive in a calm, comfortable environment. A garden room gives you that way to switch off from the rest of the world and truly zone in on whatever the task at hand is. Knitting project? Work deadline? Yoga session? There’s plenty of time and space in a garden room to power through your to-do list and achieve something.

You can optimise your garden room for maximum productivity, so you can organise the layout and design a bespoke space to give you the best possible environment for concentrating, focusing and getting stuff done!

For more advice and info about your very own garden room, get in touch with our experienced team today at Bridge Timber.