Boost Motivation with the Perfect Home Gym Set-up

The gyms might be back open, but we think that turning your garden room into a home gym space can be an ideal way to save time, effort and make working out a bit more appealing.

Heading to the gym in the winter can feel like the most difficult task, as you try to muster up the motivation to go out into the cold and dark before or after work. Home workouts give you the flexibility to stay toasty warm for as long as possible, not care what you look like when you’re training and hit your fitness goals in peace.


When you’re a gym member, you might have an idea of what work-outs you want to do that day, but once you get to the gym, it could be full of people using the equipment you had your eye on. It can also feel difficult to fully let yourself go and enjoy a work-out – you might feel limited by the public space on offer and the number of people around you.

With a home-gym, you can optimise the space that you’ve got and create a training space that’s comfortable and inspiring. Make sure everything is right where you need it and want it to be, instead of having to wander around finding the spot you want at the gym or waiting for someone to leave it!

A garden room home-gym lets you get creative with space, décor and organise everything to maximise your work-outs.

Natural Light

A lot of gyms are closed off and don’t have much access to natural light – a lot of this can be down to members wanting to keep their privacy and not want people outside gawping in on them getting their sweat on! With your own home-gym, you don’t really need to worry about that, so you can make your gym space as motivational and inspiring as you like.

Garden rooms are naturally flooded with light which is perfect and you can also put mirrors in your home-gym to act as reflective surfaces and create even more light. This will instantly make your gym look more spacious.

You can also decorate and use colours that make you personally feel more relaxed or inspired, which could be neutral tones or maybe something darker. Include plants aswell to keep your gym feeling fresh and clean.


You might be someone that visits a gym and uses the same equipment each time. You’re paying a membership to have access to all of the equipment, but if you’re only using a couple of bits then it could be more cost-effective over time to buy the equipment you want to use instead. In your home-gym you can include and organise the bits of equipment that you really need and want to use. This can help you to achieve your fitness goals more consistently, as you’ll always have access to the equipment and you can be more creative with the equipment, whenever you want to!

Build your own gym that’s safe and secure, accessible all year around, private, multi-purpose and has a great view!

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