Boost your Income with a Garden Room

With travel restrictions in place this year and a select number of countries on the green list of places to go on holiday, it looks like most holiday-makers will be spending their summer on mini-breaks in the UK this year. And there are lots of gorgeous destinations to choose from, as people leave their passports at home and hop on the train or in the car.

With this in mind, the demand for accommodation in the UK will be huge, especially in areas close to natural beauty spots, beaches and the countryside. But there’ll also be accommodation demand in most areas due to hesitancy about staying overnight with relatives or friends – most areas of the UK will see an uptick in requests.

If you have your own garden room, you’ve also got an opportunity to set-up a new side-hustle and turn it into accommodation for friends, family or paying guests.

Extra Cash

It couldn’t be easier to switch your garden room into a calm, comfortable and cosy accommodation option for guests. There’s such a boom right now with people looking for places to stay in the UK and hopefully it’s a boom that will show and encourage people that wouldn’t usually travel in the UK what fantastic things are on their doorstep and carry on doing so.

There’s all manner of reasons why people will be looking for accommodation right now. People are eager to travel and get out and about now restrictions are being lifted, making up for lost time since last summer when travelling was possible. Travelling abroad is still tricky and the obstacles in place in terms of testing, price and booking before doing so will put people off.

Visiting family and friends around the country hasn’t been a possibility, so people will be looking to catch up with as many loved ones as possible, wherever they’re located in the UK – this means that there will be lots more accommodation demand in practically every corner of the UK.

There might be travellers or workers who don’t feel comfortable staying in a big hotel chain etc yet, so want something small and compact that they can stay in.

Making a tidy side-income by using your garden room to host guests could be a savvy idea. A cost-effective, affordable option could be ideal for anyone wanting to visit family and friends or any local landmarks. Especially as not everyone will be comfortable having people stay at their property just yet.

Practical and Private

It wouldn’t take long to turn your garden room into the perfect comfortable accommodation for someone wanting a clean, calm space with privacy to come and go as they please. Making sure all the essentials are in there, with space to sleep in a warm and quiet environment provides a good option for people that are looking to explore and be out and about as much as possible, and just need somewhere affordable and simple to lay their head at the end of the day.

For more info or advice about garden rooms and their functionality, get in touch with our team at Bridge Timber today.