Building the Perfect Autumn Snug

The temperature’s starting to dip and the cold, darker nights are drawing in, which means that you’re going to be looking for somewhere to hunker down and survive the frostier nights in. Building an Autumnal snug can become a sure-fire way to make your garden room the favourite destination of family and friends all season long. It gives you a cosy place to escape to, which let’s face it, we all need every once in a while.

What are the best tips and tricks for turning your garden room into a snug, comfy Autumn haven? 


The Danes did it best when they came up with hygge. The Nordic concept that encapsulates everything cosy, quiet and snug encourages everyone to envelope themselves in comfort to enjoy a feeling of hygge. It’s a mood of warm wellness and using hygge in the autumn and winter months can help you to relax and feel at ease.


One of the best ways to create a cosy snug look for your garden room is to use lots of layering. We’re talking plush chunky blankets, thick curtains and textured rugs to add colour and warmth to a room. Bold tones for blankets and curtains can really become statement pieces for a room and tartans and checks can add a log cabin-like atmosphere to a garden room. There shouldn’t ever be a limit to the number of blankets, especially in autumn/winter and the difficult times ahead with energy prices – a place where you can cosy up and keep warm is much-needed.

Reading Room 

Grabbing a book and heading off to a reading room could be one of life’s greatest luxuries, but turning your garden room into a dedicated library could be even better. Relaxing with a good book while you can hear the rain outside is an unmatched feeling, so why not start stacking your books or investing in some sturdy shelves to store your books.

An autumnal snug can also be the ideal place to revise or read up on any extra work issues in peace. But you might want to keep your snug completely separate from any work or studying-related matters, which can also be a really good idea for your overall wellbeing.


Talking of which, when the days are shorter and nights are darker, people’s wellbeing can take a big hit, so trying to prepare for this and create a safe space to escape to and relax in can be a really good idea. Having a cinema room, a place to have a cup of tea or bring friends to chat to, can help you to counteract any difficult feelings that might pop up in colder darker months.

So grab those cushions, put on some Bon Iver and relax into the Autumn in your cosy garden room. For more information and advice on garden rooms and how they can benefit you, get in touch with our Bridge Timber team today.