Future-proof your Home with a Garden Room

At Bridge Timber, nothing’s back to normal quite yet, but our showroom is now open for customers by appointment only – get in touch if you’d like to discuss an appointment.

We’ve learnt a lot of things during the coronavirus epidemic, such as the role of community, what’s things are valuable in our lives, hobbies and the importance of friends and families. There’s potential for lots of new opportunities to change the way that we live and work – prioritising flexibility, wellbeing and other factors too.

The garden rooms that we build can provide new, innovative ways to deliver some of those opportunities, improve the way that you live in the future and come up with savvy solutions.

Living Space

Having a garden room that can act as an extra living space can be useful for all sorts of reasons. As coronavirus has shown, being able to have a separate, private space that can help in times of illness or discomfort is an asset to any property.

A self-contained living space is perfect for visiting guests and family members, especially in socially distanced times. If guidelines change in the next few months and guests can visit and stay overnight in properties, a garden room gives you a safe, more hygienic way to facilitate that.

Moving further into the future, people may think differently about where they want older or more vulnerable family members to live. Garden rooms can become a granny annex, which can help to alleviate loneliness and gives you the piece of mind that your loved one is only a short distance away at any time and puts them at the center of your family.


The property market will adapt to coronavirus and we think there’ll be lots of new and interesting developments when it comes to buyer’s priorities. Some people have had to live without their own garden space or close proximity to public green spaces for months, which can be incredibly difficult for people to cope with mentally and physically.

Buyers might be more prone to looking for properties with garden potential or closeness to green space. Installing a garden room now can be a good idea if you’re looking to move and sell your property in the next few years. A garden room can be a great investment and add value to your property.

Home Office

One of the biggest shifts over the last few months has been how many people have adapted to working from home. For some, this will have been really difficult to do because of the myriad of distractions in the house…the fridge for one! Who knows how much this will impact the future of employment – more and more people could work from home more often, which means having a dedicated space for working in is ideal.

A garden room is the perfect solution – a quiet, private space that gives you some distance from your ‘home- life’ and helps you to have more of a balance. And the same can be said for children that need a space to study at the moment, while schools are shut.

For more info about garden rooms or booking an appointment in our showroom, contact us today.