How a Garden Room can make your Christmas more Organised

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas can still be quite a stressful time too! Where are you going to store all the presents? Where are your family going to sleep? Have you got enough entertaining space? There are loads of things to think about, especially when you’re hosting.

There’s even more riding on this year’s Christmas as 2020 was such a strange one and there are still covid-19 considerations to think about, unfortunately!

So how can a garden room help you out and make things a little bit more organised?

Alleviating Anxiety

You might have family members that are coming to stay with you that are naturally still quite anxious about covid-19 and social distancing. They might not want to stay inside your property or in a hotel etc, so your garden room can be an ideal private space for them to stay in. It means they can still be close to the rest of the family, but they’ve got that extra bit of security by staying in essentially their own little pod.

This is especially the case for older or vulnerable family members and a garden room offers a good option that you can put forward to people that aren’t too confident about close gatherings.

Christmas Workshop

Turn yourself into the ultimate Christmas elf and switch your garden room into a workshop to wrap and keep all your presents for everyone, ensuring they’re out of sight and no one can come snooping! Keeping all your Christmas decorations and preparations in your home can mean that it quickly gets completely cluttered and overwhelming, so a garden room is the perfect overflow space to keep things in order and away from the rest of the chaos.

Out of sight, out of mind, so to free yourself from getting too stressed and feeling under pressure this Christmas, a designated zone where you can concentrate and organise thing is a lifesaver. Make all your decorations and crafts in peace and without your dog/child/family members running off with the Sellotape and scissors!


If you’re planning on having some Christmas gatherings then your garden room is a fabulous space for planning some cosy nights with friends and family. You can turn it into a snug to watch Christmas films in over the festive period, so that you and family members can keep out of everyone else’s way and have some privacy in a comfortable spot.

If you’ve got a garden room bar space then you can host some boozy nights and store nibbles and bites to eat in there too. Having a fire pit or heaters outside means that you can extend the space outside your garden room and make it a great gathering spot – especially if you want to organise something outside for social distancing reasons.

For more information or advice about garden rooms, get in touch with our friendly team at Bridge Timber and we’ll talk through all your options with you.