How to make the most of your Garden Room at Christmas

In the Christmas spirit? By now, you should be eating 45 mince pies a day and dancing around your Christmas tree to Slade at least once every half an hour! Tis’ the season to be jolly and while we think a garden room is the perfect gift for a loved one, this post is about how you can use your existing garden room around Christmas time.

Let’s look at some Christmas-themed ways you can use your garden room this December. Ho ho ho!

Christmas Grotto

Kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews…there’ll probably be a few children running around your house at some point over the Christmas period.Well, here’s your opportunity to keep them occupied for 10 minutes!

Why not turn your garden room into a make-shift Santa’s grotto or an ice kingdom? It’s up to you how far you want to let your imagination take you…and the mess you want to clean up afterwards, but your garden room is an ideal space to turn into a magical Christmas space and entertain the kids.

An Escape!

Christmas is a crazy time. There’s things going on everywhere and sometimes you just need a few minutes to compose yourself. Your garden room can be your safe haven this festive period, where you can work out your plans, that you’ve got everything sorted and do some extra online shopping away from prying eyes!

Take a moment to escape the stress and head on down to your garden room to re-charge your batteries.

Present Storage

If you’ve got small kids…or even big kids, then you’ll know that no-where in your house is safe to store presents. There are always one or two people on the lookout for what you’ve bought them this year, so avoid any mishaps or ‘mistakes’ and store your presents in your garden room. No-one will be accidentally stumbling across presents here and you can keep everything organised and on track, all in one place. You’ve busted the naughty Christmas elves this year!

Gathering Spot

One of the best things about Christmas is getting together with everyone you’ve not seen for ages and catching up. Your garden room is a fab gathering spot to crack open some eggnog, get some Christmas tunes on the go and have a good ol’ chinwag. Especially if your house is a bit of a mess in the run-up to Christmas with all the organisation and craziness going on – your garden room can be a place to get away from it and not add to the mess! A lovely environment to chill out and catch-up in.

Chill out

No one’s quite sure what they’re supposed to be doing in the days between Christmas and new year. It’s a no man’s land where you just chain-eat every different type of cheese and watch old repeats. Well, you’ve got a comfy place to slob out this year. Let’s face it, you probably won’t be able to move much because of how much you’ve eaten for Christmas dinner, so your garden room can become a napping and slobbing out zone!

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