How to Utilise a Garden Room and turn it into an Extra bedroom for Extra Income

Garden rooms have become increasingly popular as versatile spaces that can serve lots of different purposes. If you have a garden room and are looking to maximize its potential, one excellent option is to transform it into an extra bedroom that can be rented out or listed on a platform such as Airbnb. This not only allows you to generate extra income but also makes use of an underutilised space you might not be using as much as you could be. In this blog post, we will explore how to effectively utilise a garden room and turn it into a desirable bedroom for short-term rentals.

Ensure Comfort and Privacy

To attract guests and create a welcoming space, prioritise comfort and privacy. Start by ensuring that the garden room is properly insulated and well-ventilated, maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Consider adding curtains or blinds to provide privacy for your guests. Additionally, invest in a quality bed with a comfortable mattress and linens to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Create a Cosy Atmosphere

The ambiance of the bedroom plays a significant role in guest satisfaction and in turn, reviews you’ll receive. Decorate the garden room with attention to detail, making it cosy and inviting. Choose a neutral colour scheme that promotes relaxation and matches the surrounding garden. Soft lighting, such as bedside lamps or fairy lights, can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Adding plants and natural elements can also enhance the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a soothing environment.

Design Functional Storage

Use the available space efficiently by incorporating functional storage solutions. Install shelves, wardrobes, or under-bed storage to allow guests to keep their belongings organized. Providing sufficient storage options adds convenience and makes the space more appealing for longer stays. Consider offering a small desk or work area, especially if you anticipate hosting business travellers or remote workers.

Offer Essential Amenities

To ensure a comfortable stay for your guests, equip the garden room with essential amenities. Install a private en-suite bathroom if possible, or at least provide convenient access to a bathroom nearby. Include basic toiletries, towels, and a hairdryer for your guests’ convenience. Reliable Wi-Fi access is a must-have for most guests, so make sure you have a strong and secure internet connection.

Create an Outdoor Retreat

One advantage of having a garden room is the opportunity to create an outdoor retreat adjacent to the bedroom. Enhance the outdoor space with comfortable seating, such as a patio set or outdoor lounge chairs. Add potted plants, create a small garden, or incorporate decorative elements that complement the natural surroundings. This outdoor retreat can provide a serene space for guests to relax, enjoy their morning coffee, or unwind after a day of exploring.

Promote with Captivating Photos and Descriptions

When listing your garden room on platforms like Airbnb, make sure to highlight its unique features and advantages. Use high-quality photos that showcase the space, including both the bedroom and any outdoor areas. Craft a compelling description that captures the charm and character of the garden room, emphasizing its tranquil setting, privacy, and convenient amenities. Engaging descriptions and attractive visuals will help attract potential guests and generate more bookings.

By following these tips, you can effectively utilise your garden room and transform it into a desirable extra bedroom for short-term rentals. Creating a comfortable, cosy, and functional space will not only create a great experience for your guests but also increase your chances of receiving positive reviews and repeat bookings. Whether you’re looking to earn extra income or make the most of your garden room, turning it into a rentable bedroom is an excellent option to consider.

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