How your Garden Room can Enhance 2020

Whether you like it or not, in January it’s difficult to avoid taking stock and looking at the year ahead, thinking about how you can make changes to improve your life or personal circumstances.

With this in mind, we thought we’d put together some ideas to inspire your new year’s resolutions and how installing a garden room can help you stick to them.

Fitness First

One of the most popular goals people set for themselves is to get fitter and move more. Setting up a garden room gym or a space where you can exercise doing yoga/palates etc can be much more appealing than having to drag yourself to the gym in the cold or paying for a membership you barely use.

Sometimes, making exercise as easy to do as possible is the best option and having your own exercise hub at the end of your garden means that you’ve got more of an incentive to get out there and use it, as the close proximity makes things easier.

Friends and Family

Building better relationships and seeing family more is a common resolution for lots of people and what better way to accommodate a few more visits than to create a comfortable, welcoming garden room space that moonlights as a guest room. You can give your guests privacy and their own space, especially if they’re staying for a long period of time. Instead of everyone living in each other’s pockets, people can come and visit in a relaxing environment, especially older family members.

Building a granny annex is also a great way to keep older relatives, who may have health problems or experience loneliness, closer to you and bring them further into your immediate family unit. They can have the privacy and dignity of their own space and you can visit and check in on them whenever you need to.

Extra cash

A bit of extra cash can go a long way every month and your garden room could end up paying for itself if you wanted to rent out the space to people looking for somewhere to stay. Opening your garden to guests could supplement your income and provide you with some extra cash streams to enjoy. This is a good idea if you live somewhere that tourists like to visit or you’re close to a university/company/airport that attracts people that need somewhere affordable to stay for a night or two.

Social Space

You can also use your garden room for a socialising space and the perfect place to hold impromptu gatherings and garden parties. A garden room is good for hosting a buffet or indoor bbq and you can use it as a focal point for your spring/summer soirees. Socialising more and having an area you’re proud to invite family and friends into is a great way to bring everyone together and reconnect.

And in the colder, wetter months, having a comfy, cosy snug that you can retreat to for a chat and a cup of tea with a friend, where you can chew the fat about everything and anything is idea.

For more info and advice on garden room plans, get in touch with our team at Bridge Timber today.