How your Garden Room can Improve Wellbeing during Lockdown

Times are tough right now and it’d be a challenge to find anyone who hasn’t been affected by the various levels of lockdowns and changing tiers that the UK is experiencing at the moment.

It’s more important than ever to try and find effective ways to manage your own health and wellbeing. The open-endedness of the covid-19 pandemic means that finding strategies and ways to protect your wellbeing is crucial, because of the natural ups and downs that come with the current situation.

Let’s take a look at a few ways how a garden room can be the perfect environment for boosting health and wellbeing:


Turning on the tv, the radio, looking at your phone…it’s not long before you’re bombarded with new information about the pandemic (sorry, we’re mentioning it too!) and it can all get a bit much.

More than ever, having a place to escape to is ideal. Creating a designated distraction-free zone where you can completely switch off from the outside world is a good step forward. And one of the biggest things we can recommend is making sure that it’s a zero-internet zone too!

A garden room can be that perfect safe haven away from the rest of the world.


Releasing some endorphins by exercising is one of the best ways to help your health, both mental and physical. Your garden room can act as a great space for most forms of exercise – turn it into a home gym or even just a meditation/pilates zone.

Whatever’s going on, having a way to get rid of excess energy and channel your emotions or feelings into a physical activity is always a good thing to do, especially at the moment.

When the nights are getting darker and the temperature’s dropping, it can be difficult to motivate yourself, so not having far to go makes it easier to achieve your daily exercise. Also, there’s a level of unpredictability now, so gyms and your usual sporting activities might not be accessible – having a home-workout option is ideal.


Spending more time at home means that you’ve got to find new ways to spend your time, or you could resurrect old hobbies.

You might have been putting off learning an instrument, a language, or just getting cosy with a book and there’s no time like the present. A garden room gives you the time, space and comfortable environment to try out a few of your hobbies and interests.

Finding constructive ways to pass the time, as a substitute for being able to go out and about and socialise as much as usual is really key to protecting your wellbeing. We can’t do exactly what we’d like to, so new fun, interesting past-times need to plug the gaps in our lives that have been caused by covid-19.


Everybody could do with a break right now – use your garden room for whatever makes you feel a bit more relaxed and helps you to unwind!

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