Lockdown 2.0: Garden Rooms, Guest Rooms and Granny Annexes

Unfortunately, the UK’s gone into another lockdown, but fortunately it’s not as restrictive as the one back in March. It’s still possible to stay in support bubbles with family members and friends and hopefully we can look forward to enjoying restrictions easing around Christmas time, fingers crossed!

And it’s especially in these testing times that we think a garden room is more useful than ever. Whether it’s home working, needing somewhere to escape to, or providing a safe, private space for someone to stay in, a garden room has got you covered.

Here at Bridge Timber, we can do virtual surveys at the moment, so we can talk you through the garden room process, all from the comfort of your own sofa and conduct a virtual site survey and design consultation to get the ball rolling.

Extra Space

One thing that lots of people seemed to notice during the first lockdown was how much or how little space they have and how that can impact on their daily life.

The working-from-home revolution was in full flow for lots of people that usually work in offices, so creating a space at home and for the foreseeable is a great way to futureproof your property and gives you or anyone in your family the space to work and study in peace and free from distractions.

Maximizing the space that you have available makes more sense than ever before and a garden room is the perfect solution for providing some extra capacity.

Safe Space

Everyone’s having to get used to the strange new normal that covid-19 has thrust upon us all and lockdowns, self-isolation and furlough are all words that have become increasingly common in our collective vocab! There are all sorts of new situations and quandaries that we’ve had to think about – many of which can be made a little easier with a bit of extra space.

A garden room can work really well as a space to self-isolate in or for a guest to come and stay in, with safety and privacy from the rest of the household. It’s a creative solution to some of the problems that arise in lockdown.

Future Space

A lot of people have been reassessing what’s important to them in their lives during the past year too – there’s been lots of time to think! One of those things is the importance of family and how often we see loved ones, especially older relatives and friends. During a lockdown or in the future, you might be thinking about having a granny/grandpa annex space to keep relatives close and more integrated in the family unit.

We can build bespoke granny annexes for our customers which include everything needed to create a calm, comfortable and peaceful spot for relatives. This can really boost the general health and wellbeing of older relatives especially, helping to reduce loneliness and to improve inter-generational relationships. And a garden room still provides a level of privacy whilst balancing a greater proximity to the family home.

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