Maximising Space in a Smaller Garden Room

No matter the size of your garden room, the potential for using the space is massive. Having an extra space external to your property gives you all sorts of new opportunities to add an extra dimension to your life, whether that’s with new hobbies or storage.

With some careful planning, even if your garden room space is limited, you can create a multi-functional room that’s stylish and practical.

Take a look at how you can maximize your space and make it work for you.

List your Essentials

When you’re thinking about what’s going to go into your garden room, it’s important that you plan it properly and stick to your essentials. Creating a list will help you visualise what can go into the space and helps to prevent extra clutter from making a mess and cutting down your space.

Be ruthless with your list as well – try to cross off as many things as you can, so you’re left with things that will really benefit the space.

Non-essentials or pointless decorations might look pretty, but more space is a more useful advantage.

Streamlined Furniture

Being sensible about your furniture choices is about choosing space-appropriate items that maximize your space, whilst doing what you need them to. Instead of opting for something that looks nice but cuts the amount of space you’ve got in half, think about space first and foremost. Your room needs to be comfortable for guests and going for a more minimalist look can help achieve this in a stylish way. Having limited space can force you to be more creative with furniture as well.

Foldable furniture is also an option that allows you to play around with the amount of space that you’ve got. For example, you might use your garden room as an office during the week so a folding desk could give you that option and then you can fold it away when you need extra space to entertain guests or use your room for another function.

Smart Storage

Instead of taking up lots of room with storage, you can be inventive with your solutions. Standalone storage units can end up taking up half the space, so using storage that you can put under hollow chairs, sofas or multi-functional end-tables won’t take up more space. Use shelves to leave more floor space too and where you can, avoid turning your garden room into a place where you end up leaving items that end up collecting dust.

New Tech

If you’ve designed your garden room with old tech in mind then it can end up dominating your space. Wires and cumbersome tech can take up far too much space for the function they’re providing. If it’s possible to use wireless technology then it’s worth it for the lack of wires and any other devices that can be streamlined to avoid taking up more physical space.

For extra advice and information about garden rooms and how you can maximize space, get in touch with our Bridge Timber team today.