New Year, New Garden Room

2019 is upon us and this gives you the perfect chance to come up with some exciting new plans for your garden room this year. You might have been holding off on some new hobbies or haven’t had the space to indulge in some new activities, but with your brand new garden room – time and space are a luxury that need to be taken advantage of!

What can you get up to in the new year to help cross off some new year’s resolutions?

Home Gym

We’re taking an educated guess on this one, but we think that the most popular new year’s resolutions are probably fitness and health related. Whether you’re doing enough exercise or not, one thing’s for sure, your garden room is a brilliant place to install a home gym.

There’s lots of space for equipment and you can be far away from judgement and prying eyes in the gym, especially when you’re a beginner. It doesn’t have to be strictly gym related activity either – whatever fitness you’re into, from boxing to yoga, your garden room is a private, warm and secure place to get fit and smash some new targets.

Get Organised

Launching a new business this year or looking to do more work from home? Well, using your garden room to knuckle down and achieve some goals in is a sound idea. Turn your garden room into a distraction-free save haven, away from barking dogs and full fridges. Having a spot that you can go and beaver away in is one of the best ways to improve your organisational skills and get more productive. You can also offer it out as a space to anyone else in your household that needs a quiet, relaxing environment to revise or work in.

New Friends

There’s always room in life for new friends and perhaps you’re looking to expand your social circle in 2019. Well, why not turn your garden room into the perfect soiree spot for new socialising. A comfy bolt-hole is the perfect place to crack open a cold one or natter over a cuppa with some friends. It’s a tranquil, private space away from annoying family members that you can chat about stuff and put the world to rights. Again, it’s also a good way to contain the mess in one place when kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews come around to play, as you can divert them towards a comfy, cosy garden room.


What is it that you’ve been really wishing you had some extra time to get started on this year? Maybe it’s painting, knitting, guitar or computer programming – there must be something and your garden room is a perfect environment to get started on a new hobby or three. Keep all your necessary equipment in there, especially if it’s something that makes a lot of mess. Or just have a quiet space where you can give your full attention to the task at hand, without any distractions or noise.

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