Our Favourite Ways to Create the Perfect Summer Soiree

Summer is finally here and it’s going to bring some warmer weather with it (fingers crossed!) – which means there are plenty of opportunities to entertain, relax and enjoy your garden in the next few months. If you haven’t been planning your summer activities already then you need to get a move on, as you’re wasting valuable time when you could have your feet up with a glass of something, whilst admiring your garden room.

A garden room is the perfect multifunctional social space and it’s a great way to blend the outdoors and indoors.


One of the most fun ways to use your garden room is to turn it into the ultimate entertaining space. You can create a family snug that’s away from the rest of the house, so gives everyone a nice break from all the routine domestic hustle and bustle, but an ideal spot to unwind as a family, have some bonding time and enjoy each other’s company. 

It can also be a brilliant option for when kids or parents want to invite around their own friends and would like some privacy from the rest of the family, especially if gossip or some much-needed chats are needed.

Turn it into a space with sofas and seating, or perhaps a games room would suit your household’s interests. If you’ve got some decking outside your garden room then you can think about a jacuzzi, an outside dining area or even more seating to create an even bigger entertaining area.

It’s also a fab spot and idea for birthday parties, especially for children. You can turn your garden room into a theme or just use it to host food and drinks and be closer to the garden for kids to run around in. If parents are invited then they can sit and watch their children from the safety of the sofas too!

Relax and Unwind

Everyone needs to have space to relax and unwind, but sometimes having everyone packed together inside your house means that’s difficult or it’s hard to even find a quiet space to do this in! Your garden room is an extension of your home, so turn it into a peaceful area to unwind. This can be a great option for teenagers that might need some headspace after exam season or a place to decompress after work for everyone else, or from life in general! 

Sunny Office

Work can be very stressful, but turning your garden room into a summer office space can help to perk things up a bit. Natural light can work wonders for morale and it’s little things that can end up improving your health and wellbeing generally, much more than being in a stuffy office with no natural light or air.

Working near a natural garden space and having lots of light and air can be good for creativity too, so some of your best ideas could come from having a garden room!

For more info and advice about what to do with your own garden room – get in touch with our team at Bridge Timber today for a chat.