Revamp your Garden with Extra Space

Whether you’re looking to sell your property in the near future or just fancy giving your garden a makeover, there are lots of tweaks and improvements you can make to add some extra enjoyment.

We think that everything that’s happened during the coronavirus epidemic has just highlighted how important green spaces and gardens are to people’s general health and wellbeing – if you can make your garden an even better place and maximize the benefits of being in it, there can only be positive outcomes.

Investing in a garden room is a long-term action, but something that can keep on providing value year after year, as you take on new hobbies, new project and new house-guests!

Benefits of Garden Time

Spending time in your garden is proven to help boost mental and physical wellbeing, which has been especially prevalent over the last few months and will continue to be in the future. Whether it’s planting some new colourful flowers and plants or just sitting amongst nature and taking it all in, garden time is good for the soul!

Exercise and improving your physical health in your garden are the perfect way to start moving forward or to get your fix of exercise if you’re not venturing out much at the moment. A quick yoga session, football with the kids/grandkids/dog or something else just as active can give you that quick endorphin rush, help your emotional health and spend time outside and off social media!

Add a Garden Room

If you want to add something to your garden that can benefit your property and family for years to come then look no further than a garden room. People are always looking for extra space and if you’re looking to sell in the future then a garden room can be a great prospect to pitch to potential buyers who have hobbies, work from home or are looking for an annex to accommodate guests.

Coronavirus has taught society about how important being close to our friends and family is – who knows what will happen in the future, but having a private space for someone to easily come and stay in is a massive bonus. A garden room can easily be turned into a safe, comfortable and private space for older relatives or returning kids to stay in.

The potential uses for a garden room are large in number – it’s a truly multi-functional space that can act as a home office during the day, a snug to escape to and read a good book in or an ideal homework zone. These are all uses that can help to keep mental and physical wellbeing stable, aswell as providing extra space and storage in the immediate present and for the future.

Our team are always on hand to discuss big ideas or dreams you’ve got for your perfect garden. We’ve got years of experience and have worked on a whole wealth of projects before, with all sorts of different specifications, so nothing is too big or difficult for us to talk to you about. Get in touch with our team today!