The Garden Gatherings are Coming – Lifting Lockdown!

The UK has a lockdown lifting roadmap for 2021 and from 29th March, fingers crossed that families and friends will be able to meet in private gardens once more – outdoor gatherings of either 6 people or 2 households.

This means that if you haven’t already, you need to get a move on with sprucing up your garden and getting it in tip-top condition for a new influx of visitors. What better incentive is there to get your sleeves rolled up, hands dirty and get out into the garden for a makeover.

What can you do with your garden and Garden Room to make the most of gatherings?

Seating Area

Having a comfortable and practical seating area in your garden is going to be crucial this year, as a lot of gatherings and social events will be garden based. It’s especially important that if you have any loved ones that are still naturally quite anxious about the lifting of restrictions, there are enough practical seating areas for them to be able to distance from others if they want to and still have an enjoyable experience.

A garden room also gives you the option of having a half in, half out garden experience, as it can still be quite cool in March/April. A seating area in your garden room means that you and family and friends can move in for some cover and shelter if the heavens open or it starts to get a bit chilly.

Food Prep

Another aspect of lifting lockdown and garden gatherings that people will be thinking about is the food and drinks…the best part! You and loved ones should still have the option to distance if you want to and so food prep can be kept in your garden room and it allows people to feel comfortable keeping topped up and getting a bite to eat. A garden room is the perfect place to have a covid-friendly sanitizing station too, so you can ensure everything is clean and tidy when people are handling food.

Garden Bar

After the year that everyone’s had, there’ll be lots of excuses for a drink or two and to have a whole load of late celebrations for occasions that have been missed. Having a garden room bar is ideal all-year round, but for the amount of garden gatherings you could be having, it’s also a safe, clean way to go about preparing drinks and ensuring everyone is comfortable. Assign an honorary barman/woman, who can handle the drinks for everyone in a safe way or make it a self-serve bar, away from the rest of the group and in a way that ensures no cross-contamination and a sanitized environment.

Have Fun!

Hopefully the brightest days are to come, so we hope everyone has some fantastic events with much missed loved ones. Our garden rooms are ideal for entertaining and we think that they offer the perfect way to enjoy time with others.

For more info on garden rooms and any questions, contact our team at Bridge Timber today.