The Perfect Guest Room this Winter

We don’t want to mention the word just yet, but it’ll undoubtedly be on your mind once Halloween swings by…that’s right, Christmas time is fast-approaching. This means endless lists being written, lists about lists being written and a whole load of chaos wrapped up in tinsel. 

One of the biggest considerations around Christmas time is working out who’s going where and who’s being trusted with turkey/nut roast cooking for the big day. Along with festivities on the day, deciding whether any family or friends are going to be staying for the festive period or not can be a headache, but not with a guest room.

So, how can you put together the perfect garden guest room?


When you can host people around Christmas time or the festive run-up, it gives you a lot more freedom to have even more frivolity and fun. Instead of having to clock-watch and obsessively check the times for the last train home, guests can relax and have an extra tipple when they know there’s somewhere cosy nearby to lay their head.

Your garden room can be an ideal guest room. It can be away from the rest of your property, so guests have got their own privacy and can escape the madness of the household. This is especially useful if you’ve got older guests attending who’d like a bit of much-needed peace and quiet.

Or if you’ve got guests arriving with babies or young children, a garden guest room can give them some alone time and prevent any disturbances.

It could be you that sleeps in the guest room, which allows everyone else to relax and unwind in your main property if they need some extra space.

Extra Cash

Of course, you can use your garden room as an extra source of revenue in testing times. For a bit of Christmas cash, you can put a guest room on any number of websites that will allow paying guests to stay and enjoy your garden room for a night or 5. It’s up to you when you want to open up your guest room to guests, but around Christmas-time can be a good time, as you’ll have the benefit of lots of travelling families and friends visiting loved ones throughout the festive period in your area. New year is also a sensible time to make your guest room available for the same reasons.

Christmas Grotto

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could turn your garden room into a Christmas grotto for the children in your family to stay in on Christmas Eve. This gives you the chance to get everything ready for Christmas day i.e panic wrapping and ensure that the reindeer food/Father Christmas deliveries go unnoticed. Turning your garden room into a winter wonderland with a Christmas theme can ramp up the magic factor and keeps things fun.

For more advice and tips to maximise your garden room for guests, get in touch with our experienced and friendly team today for more information and advice.