Why Garden Rooms can help ease the difficulty of Lockdown

Before March 2020, the word lockdown wasn’t a frequent part of many of our vocabularies. However, fast-forward 9 months and we’ve all lost count of the number of times we’ve said it…or thought it!

We’ll be honest, we never thought that our garden rooms would act as a novel solution to some of the issues posed by a global pandemic – whether it be home working, a home school or even a self-isolation pod.

However, we think a garden room can certainly help with a range of the new, arising issues caused by the covid-19 pandemic and make things more comfortable in the process.


It’s difficult to make any concrete predictions for 2021…look where that got us with 2020! But at the moment, the UK is made up of a series of tiers, differing in their levels of restrictions. This doesn’t rule out future lockdowns, but with the rollout of covid-19 vaccines, the exit strategy is on the horizon.

In the meantime, the tiers and potential short-term lockdowns mean that it’s difficult to plan, but there can be situations that require spaces that provide safety and privacy. We think our garden rooms offer a solution for individuals that unfortunately need to self-isolate, either due to covid-19 symptoms, or perhaps because of their line of work or responsibilities around vulnerable individuals. They offer a comfortable, relaxing environment that can be a safe distance from your property and offer dignity and privacy to whoever’s staying in it.

In the future, you may wish to provide a space for family members that can’t live independently and need some extra support. Our garden rooms can act as a ‘granny annex’ for older family members or friends who need physical, social and emotional support and offer closer proximity whilst maintaining privacy.

Welcome Break

Lockdowns can take their toll on everyone, they don’t discriminate! Working or studying from home can seem like a novelty on one day and a nightmare the next. Having a space to escape to that you can work in distraction-free is really important if your job requires you to continue to work from home well into 2021.

Garden rooms ae ideal home office environments and can be made to fit your unique requirements and be as comfortable as possible. Staring at a laptop all day can take its toll, so as much natural light as possible and a stimulating environment can work wonders.

That being said, your garden room doesn’t have to be work-related at all, but it can offer a tranquil space for you to do absolutely no work in at all! Turn it into your own home gym or library to help you relax and escape to if you’re working from home or relax in when you get back from work or carrying out any other responsibilities.

A garden room is such an investment in your own or your family’s mental and physical health, which is a very important thing to prioritise in 2020 and beyond!

For more information or advice about your own garden room, get in touch with our team at Bridge Timber today.