5 Reasons why a Garden Room makes the perfect Office Space

Perhaps you’ve taken the plunge and started working from home or maybe you’re launching your own business – whatever your situation is, if you find yourself needing a base to knuckle down and work in, a garden room could be for you.

Here at Bridge Timber, we specialise in creating comfortable, relaxing garden room spaces that we can help turn into your slice of tranquillity, away from a busy household.

Sometimes it’s all too easy to get distracted by everything in your house, whether it’s your dog, the contents of your fridge or maybe just your living room window. A garden room gives you the privacy and comfort to help you do your best work.

Peace and Quiet

When you’ve got an important Skype meeting with a potential client or you really need to concentrate on your to-do-list, having a calm and quiet place to work is an essential.

If you’ve ever worked in a café then yes, it’s lovely to be able to order that cake and cappuccino when you need a pick me up, but it’s also difficult to work when there’s a toddler screaming the place down or people are loudly talking about what they watched on Netflix last night. The same goes for your living room – if other people are in your house with you, it can be tough to avoid conversation.

A garden room office allows you to get stuff done in peace.

Attractive Meeting Space

Meeting a client or a business associate in your front room can seem a bit odd and your client might not be comfortable with it either. So, why not invite them through to your garden office, which will give you a chance to talk in detail about your ideas and plans.

You’ll also have your office set-up on hand to help you demonstrate your ideas or point to data you’ve collected – your laptop, whiteboard etc will be around to professionalise your meeting.

Inspiration for Ideas

When you’re someone that relies on generating creative ideas for your business or job – being in an environment that can help inspire ideas is important. Looking out onto your garden or being close to nature is shown to help get your creative juices flowing and helps you to relax and think.

A positive frame of mind and enough physical and mental space to work through ideas can really make a difference when you’re working on a new project and need some fresh perspectives.

Orderly and Organised

Important business documents and project notes need to be kept under some kind of orderly control. If they’re lying about in your property or dangerously close to your kid’s homework or the dog’s chops then things could go mysteriously missing.

A garden room lets you have more storage for your work documents and gives you central hub to organise them in and crucially, know where they are when you need them!

Fun for all the Family

It’s not just your business that can benefit from a garden room office. If you’ve got kids or a partner that needs a bit of space to work in or a time-out then they can use the office too. It’s especially useful if your children have exams coming up and they need to do some revision – you can keep an eye on them and make sure they’re working in a quiet environment…without their phone!

For more info and advice on creating your own garden room office, get in touch with us today.