Perfect Gadgets for your Garden Room

Once we’ve built your bespoke garden room for you, we can help you to fill it full of exciting gadgets to enhance your new space.

The beauty of a garden room is that it can act as a blank canvas for whatever new hobbies, interests or activities you’d like to dedicate some time to.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to have your own home-gym? Or perhaps you’re looking for a super smart home office to inspire new ideas and make working from home that little bit more comfortable?

Here at Bridge Timber, we’ve put together a few ideas for awesome gadgets you can pop in your garden room.

Smart Lighting and Heating

Picture the scene. It’s a cold, frosty morning and you have to make the treacherous 10 metre journey from your house to your garden room to get some work done. But what if you could ensure that your garden room was already toasty warm and snug?

Sounds good right? With smart heating and lighting systems, you can control your garden room’s temperature and lighting remotely from your smartphone to make sure that everything is ready to go exactly when you need it. You can escape the perishing cold and get your work done in a warm, comfy environment.

Video Enabled Intercom

If someone’s popping over for a coffee, a bit of yoga or maybe you’ve got a client coming round for a meeting, you can use a video-enabled intercom to make sure you don’t miss the doorbell. Connect your intercom to your smartphone and you’ll be alerted when your guest has arrived. Even when you’re at the bottom of the garden.

You can even speak through your smartphone intercom system, so you can let your guest or client know that you’ll be there in no time.

WiFi and Boosters

You might want an internet-free zone in your garden room (we know how you feel!) but if you’re using your room for work and need WiFi to keep in touch with clients and colleagues then installing it in your garden room isn’t a problem. Or you can use boosters to extend the signal from your house and enjoy easy internet use in your garden room.

Speaker System

A garden room is the perfect place to sit back, relax and listen to some of your favourite music. But if you’re turning your room into a video game den, a home cinema, a place to video conference and Skype or maybe creating your own music then a quality sound speaker system can enhance your experience.

Investing in a sound system will improve any audio or visual activities you’re engaging in and helps to differentiate your garden room from other areas of your house and really make it an area that offers something special and unique.

For any more ideas or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team who are more than happy to talk you through your options and help organise the perfect garden room with your specific requirements.