Adding Value to your Property this Summer with a Garden Room

A garden room can be a fantastic way to add extra value and space to your property without having to go through extensive and stressful planning permission and extension building. Potential buyers are looking for all sorts of things when they view a property, but the covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly seen a rise in people looking for more space, especially in terms of home offices, gyms, annexes etc.

Garden rooms can be a much less invasive way of adding floor space to your property and also for a fraction of the cost of embarking on a lengthy project build on your actual property to increase the size. They generally don’t require planning permission because they are usually classed as ‘outbuildings’, so can be a more straight-forward to add some extra plus points to your property when you’re trying to sell.

Change in Priorities

Covid-19 has seen a complete realignment in our work, leisure and social lives. There’s been a mass exercise in working from home for most industries, which has completely changed the landscape of work forever. In fact, whether a property has a home office space can be a make or break for a potential buyer, which would certainly not be the case a few years ago.

But where a garden room can come into its own is that it provides a better level of mental distance than a home office that’s within a property. Being able to shut the door on a garden room office and leave it behind can be a more appealing option than working in a room your property. The ability to leave the house for work still gives people that psychological break from work and homelife, which is attractive to people that are looking to have that balance in their lives.

With this in mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to push and highlight your garden room as a key asset in your property, which is worthy of a higher or more appropriate price that fits the extra opportunities it provides.


Most buyers are looking for as much space as possible when they’re making such a big investment. When someone is viewing your property, they’re looking for existing space and potential space too. Having a garden room to show to buyers gives you a way to signal that they can use this space for whatever they like – whether that’s an office, a snug, an entertaining space, a home-gym. The opportunities are endless, so it can be a blank canvas for potential buyers to project whatever their own interests and priorities are onto.

A garden room can be an extra asset that can be the difference between someone choosing to buy your property or another in an increasingly competitive marketplace. It can make your property stand out from an otherwise, similar crowd.

For more advice and information about how a garden room can enhance your property and how you can market it to potential buyers, get in touch with our team at Bridge Timber today.