Garden Music Studio Room Patrick Regan


Garden Rooms are a great alternative for Musical/recording studios. With a full acoustic upgrade available on all models. This Music room measures 3m x 4m with a concave finsih. Anthracite grey windows and doors compliment a model look. The structure is finished with a 1m hardwood decking to the front. Internally the structure is finsihed with a commerical grade laminate flooring and plasterboard skim finish. Our Acoustic upgrade consists for 100mm acoustic slab, 50mm high density foam, with 12mm double plasterboard. Earthwool upgrade to ceiling aswell as a kingspan system has been used. 25mm Selex was usedneath the laminate flooring, prior to the laminate.

“Had a fantastic room built by the good people at Bridge. Easy to deal with, good service and built to my exact specifications; it’s all worked out really rather well. Now all I’ve got to do if landscape the garden and downsize all my office rubbish away and it will look fantastic as well.”Patrick Regan