Multi-Purpose Garden Room


Cecylin contacted us to design a multi-purpose garden room for all year round use, and which could also be used by her family. We were very pleased to develop a building that matched the specifications set out, and which Cecylin is now using for a multitude of practical purposes.

“As the very proud owner of a Bridge Timber summer house, I would like to firstly say thank you for helping me realize my dream and creating something that is both beautiful and practical. Having lived with this building during the summer holidays it has been a fantastic space for my son and his friends to use and with the added cloakroom integrated into the building, it is truly self-sufficient. So far we are using it as an office / utility / cinema / gym and playroom, so I’m definitely getting some good use out of it. I always have people commenting on it and have also seen people drive by taking pictures. Paul and his team were a pleasure to work with and always able to advise anything I needed to do, but really I just left them to it and came home every day to this beautiful building taking shape.”